46-236. Application for water power; lease from state required; fee; renewal; cancellation; grounds.

An application for appropriation of water for water power shall meet the requirements of section 46-234 and subsection (1) of section 46-235 to be approved. Within six months after the approval of an application for water power and before placing water to any beneficial use, the applicant shall enter into a contract with the State of Nebraska, through the department, for leasing the use of all water so appropriated. Such lease shall be upon forms prepared by the department, and the time of such lease shall not run for a greater period than fifty years; and for the use of water for power purposes the applicant shall pay into the state treasury on or before January 1 each year fifteen dollars for each one hundred horsepower for all water so appropriated. Upon application of the lessee or its assigns, the department shall renew the lease so as to continue it and the water appropriation in full force and effect for an additional period of fifty years.

Upon the failure of the applicant to comply with any of the provisions of such lease and the failure to pay any of such fees, the department shall notify the lessee that the required fees have not been paid to the department or that the lessee is not otherwise in compliance with the provisions of the lease. If the lessee has not come into compliance with all provisions of the lease or has not paid to the department all required fees within fifteen calendar days after the date of such notice, the department shall issue an order denying the applicant the right to divert or otherwise use the water appropriation for power production. The department shall rescind the order denying use of the water appropriation at such time as the lessee has come into compliance with all provisions of the lease and has paid all required fees to the department. If after forty-five calendar days from the date of issuance of the order the lessee is not in compliance with all provisions of the lease or required fees have not been paid to the department, such lease and water appropriation shall be canceled by the department.

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