Nebraska Revised Statute 46-2,128

Chapter 46


District or company; transfer of appropriation for agricultural purposes; published notice; contents.

Commencing at least six weeks but not more than twelve weeks before transferring any water appropriations under section 46-2,127, the district or company shall cause notice of the proposed transfer to be published at least once a week for three consecutive weeks in at least one newspaper of general circulation in each county containing lands on which the water appropriation is or is proposed to be applied. The district or company shall also provide the notice to the department. The notice shall contain:

(1) A description of the water appropriation to be transferred;

(2) The number assigned the water appropriation permit in the records of the department under sections 46-233 to 46-235;

(3) The priority date of the water appropriation;

(4) A description of the land to which the water appropriation is proposed to be applied;

(5) A statement that any owner of land within the district or served by the canal company may object to and request a hearing on the proposed transfer within seven calendar days after final publication; and

(6) Any other relevant information.