Nebraska Revised Statute 46-1,120

Chapter 46


Bonds issued to discharge judgments or procure surrender of bonds, notes, and warrants; contract with holders, authorized; terms.

As part of the consideration for accepting new bonds in lieu of judgments, notes, warrants or bonds, and in order to induce the owners of judgments and holders of notes, warrants, and bonds to accept such new bonds, a district shall have power to make a contract with the holders of the new bonds, in the manner hereinafter provided, wherein and whereby the district may agree (1) to establish a special bond fund and to apply the money therein only to the payment of such indebtedness as may be provided, and to pay into the special bond fund such money and taxes, levied and to be levied, as may be provided, including unpaid taxes levied for general expenses of the district as well as taxes levied for the payment of bonds; (2) to levy taxes in such years and in such amounts for the special bond fund as may be provided, and to levy taxes to meet deficits due to the failure to collect taxes levied for or payable into the special bond fund and that the amount of such deficits and the amount of taxes to be levied therefor, shall be computed in such manner as may be provided; and taxes agreed to be levied shall not be subject to any limitation of law as to the amount or rate thereof; and (3) to borrow money for the special bond fund on notes or otherwise against delinquent taxes in the fund, and to pay such loans in such manner as may be provided.


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