Nebraska Revised Statute 46-1,104

Chapter 46


Bonds; judicial approval; hearing; notice; form; contents.

The court shall fix the time for the hearing of the petition, and shall order the clerk of the court to give and publish a notice of the filing of the petition. The notice shall be given and published in the same manner and for the same length of time that the notice of a special election provided for by law to determine whether the bonds of the district shall be issued is required to be given and published. The notice shall state the time and place fixed for the hearing of the petition and prayer of the petition, and that any person interested in the organization of the district, or in the proceedings for the issue or sale of the bonds, may, on or before the day fixed for the hearing of the petition, move to dismiss the petition or answer thereto. The petition may be referred to and described in the notice as the petition of ................. (giving its name), praying that the proceedings for the issue and sale of such bonds of such district may be examined, approved, and confirmed by the court.


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