45-918.01. Returned check; collection; returned check charge; court costs; attorney's fees.

If a check held by a licensee as a result of a delayed deposit transaction is returned unpaid to the licensee from a payor financial institution due to insufficient funds, a closed account, a stop-payment order, or any other reason, not including a bank error, the licensee shall have the right to exercise all civil means authorized by law to collect the face value of the check. In addition, the licensee may contract for and collect one returned check charge for each delayed deposit transaction, not to exceed fifteen dollars, plus court costs and reasonable attorney's fees as awarded by a court and incurred as a result of the default. However, such attorney's fees shall not exceed the amount of the check. The licensee shall not collect any other fees as a result of default. A returned check charge shall not be allowed if, due to forgery or theft, the transaction proceeds check is dishonored by the financial institution.

Source:Laws 2018, LB194, ยง 10.