45-704. Registration required; registration statement; fee; procedure; bond; registrant; duties; renewal.

(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of the Residential Mortgage Licensing Act, no person exempt from licensing under section 45-703 who employs or enters into an independent agent agreement with an individual who is required to obtain a mortgage loan originator license in this state pursuant to section 45-727 shall act as a mortgage banker until such person has registered with the department.

(2) Any person required to register pursuant to subsection (1) of this section shall submit to the department a registration statement on a form prescribed by the department. The form shall contain such information as the department may prescribe as necessary or appropriate, including, but not limited to, (a) all addresses at which business is to be conducted, (b) the names and titles of each director and principal officer of the business, and (c) a description of the activities of the applicant in such detail as the department may require.

(3) The registration statement required in subsection (2) of this section shall be accompanied by a registration fee of two hundred dollars.

(4) The department shall acknowledge the registration by issuing to the registrant a receipt or other form of acknowledgment.

(5) A registrant shall maintain a surety bond as required by section 45-724, submit mortgage reports of condition as required by section 45-726, and comply with the requirements of section 45-735 pertaining to the employment of mortgage loan originators.

(6) A registration under this section shall not be assignable.

(7) After original registration, all registrations shall remain in full force and effect until the next succeeding December 31. Thereafter, a registration under this section may be renewed on an annual basis for a renewal fee of one hundred dollars.

(8)(a) If a registrant fails to maintain a surety bond as required by section 45-724, the department may issue a notice of cancellation of the registration.

(b) If a registrant fails to renew his, her, or its registration as required by this section and does not voluntarily surrender the registration by delivering to the director written notice of the surrender, the department may issue a notice of expiration of the registration.

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