45-609. License; form; display.

The license provided for in section 45-607 shall be in such form as prescribed by the board. If the licensee maintains a branch office, the licensee shall not do a collection agency business in such branch office until the licensee has secured a branch office certificate for such branch office. A licensee, so long as his, her, or its license is in full force and effect and in good standing, shall be entitled to branch office certificates for any branch offices operated by such licensee upon payment of the fee as set forth in section 45-620 and any processing fee allowed under section 45-605.01. A licensee shall display his, her, or its license in a conspicuous place in his, her, or its principal place of business, and if the licensee conducts a branch office, the branch office certificate shall be conspicuously displayed in the branch office.

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