45-348. License; renewal; licensee; duties; fee; voluntary surrender of license.

(1) An installment sales license may be renewed annually on or before December 31 by paying to the director a fee of one hundred fifty dollars, plus one hundred dollars for each branch office, if applicable, and any processing fee allowed under subsection (2) of section 45-354 and by submitting such information as the director may require to indicate any material change in the information contained in the original application or succeeding renewal applications, including a copy of the licensee's most recent annual audit.

(2) A licensee may voluntarily surrender a license at any time by delivering to the director written notice of the surrender. The department shall cancel the license following such surrender.

(3) If a licensee fails to renew its license and does not voluntarily surrender the license pursuant to this section, the department may issue a notice of expiration of the license to the licensee in lieu of revocation proceedings.

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