45-1050. Borrower; loan; default; licensee; notice; contents.

(1) With respect to a loan, after a borrower has been in default for ten days for failure to make a required payment, a licensee may give the borrower the notice described in this section. A licensee gives notice to the borrower under this section when the licensee delivers the notice to the borrower or delivers or mails the notice to the last-known address of the borrower's residence.

(2) The notice shall be in writing and shall conspicuously state: The name, address, and telephone number of the licensee to which payment is to be made, a brief identification of the loan, the borrower's right to cure the default, the amount of payment and date by which payment must be made to cure the default, and that any credit insurance issued in connection with the loan contract may be canceled unless the borrower cures the default. The department shall prescribe the form of such notice.

Source:Laws 1979, LB 87, § 13; R.S.1943, (1998), § 45-180; Laws 2001, LB 53, § 78.