45-1008. License; issuance; requirements; term.

Upon the filing of an application under the Nebraska Installment Loan Act, the payment of the license fee, and the approval of the required bond, the director shall investigate the facts regarding the applicant. If the director finds that (1) the experience, character, and general fitness of the applicant, of the applicant's partners or members if the applicant is a partnership, limited liability company, or association, and of the applicant's officers and directors if the applicant is a corporation, are such as to warrant belief that the applicant will operate the business honestly, fairly, and efficiently within the purposes of the act, and (2) allowing the applicant to engage in business will promote the convenience and advantage of the community in which the business of the applicant is to be conducted, the department shall issue and deliver an original license to the applicant to make loans at the location specified in the application, in accordance with the act. The license shall remain in full force and effect until the following December 31 and from year to year thereafter, if and when renewed under the act, until it is surrendered by the licensee or canceled, suspended, or revoked under the act.

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