44-785. Coverage for screening mammography; requirements.

(1) Notwithstanding section 44-3,131, (a) any individual or group sickness and accident insurance policy or subscriber contract delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed in this state and any hospital, medical, or surgical expense-incurred policy, except for policies that provide coverage for a specified disease or other limited-benefit coverage, and (b) any self-funded employee benefit plan to the extent not preempted by federal law shall include coverage for screening mammography as follows:

(i) For women who are thirty-five years of age and older but younger than forty years of age, one base-line mammogram between thirty-five and forty years of age;

(ii) For women who are forty years of age and older but younger than fifty years of age, one mammogram every two years or more frequently based on the patient's physician's recommendation; and

(iii) For women who are fifty years of age or older, one mammogram every year.

(2) This section does not prevent application of deductible or copayment provisions contained in the policy or health benefit plan or require that coverage under an individual or group policy or health benefit plan be extended to any other procedures. The coverage provided by this section shall not be less favorable than for other radiological examinations. This section does not apply if the covered individuals are provided an ongoing screening mammography program which at a minimum meets the requirements of this section as a separate benefit.

(3) For purposes of this section, screening mammography shall mean radiological examination of the breast of asymptomatic women for the early detection of breast cancer, which examination shall include (a) a cranio-caudal and a medial lateral oblique view of each breast and (b) a licensed radiologist's interpretation of the results of the procedure. Screening mammography shall not include diagnostic mammography, additional projections required for lesion definition, breast ultrasound, or any breast interventional procedure. Screening mammography shall be performed by a mammogram supplier who meets the standards of the federal Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1992.

Source:Laws 1995, LB 68, ยง 1.