44-7307. Grievance procedures.

(1) Except as specified in section 44-7311, a health carrier shall use written procedures for receiving and resolving grievances from covered persons.

(2)(a) A copy of the grievance procedures, including all forms used to process a grievance, shall be made available to the director upon request. A health carrier shall file annually with the director a certificate of compliance stating that the health carrier has established and maintains grievance procedures that fully comply with the provisions of the Health Carrier Grievance Procedure Act.

(b) A description of the grievance procedure shall be set forth in or attached to the policy, certificate, membership booklet, outline of coverage, or other evidence of coverage provided to covered persons.

(c) The grievance procedure documents shall include a statement of a covered person's right to contact the director's office for assistance at any time. The statement shall include the telephone number and address of the director.

Source:Laws 1998, LB 1162, ยง 72.