44-710.17. Sickness and accident insurance; individual and franchise policies; riders and endorsements; requirements.

No restrictive rider or endorsement which is attached to or is to become a part of any individual or franchise policy of sickness and accident insurance delivered or issued for delivery to any person in this state shall be effective unless each such restrictive rider or endorsement or specific request therefor is signed by the applicant, except that the signature of the applicant shall not be required on any endorsement applied to a policy by means of printing or stamping on the policy at the time of original issuance of the policy if notice of the endorsement is affixed on the face and filing back in contrasting color, in not less than twelve-point type. The term restrictive rider or endorsement as used in this section shall mean any rider or endorsement which reduces, restricts, or eliminates coverage of the policy of which the rider or endorsement is a part.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 260, § 1, p. 785; Laws 1965, c. 264, § 1, p. 748.