44-710.12. Sickness and accident insurance; copy of application attached to policy; request for reinstatement or renewal; copy attached to policy.

The insured shall not be bound by any statement made in an application for a policy of sickness and accident insurance unless a copy of such application is attached to or endorsed on the policy when issued as a part thereof. If any such policy delivered or issued for delivery to any person in this state is reinstated or renewed and the insured or the beneficiary or assignee of such policy makes written request to the insurer for a copy of the application, if any, for such reinstatement or renewal, the insurer shall, within fifteen days after the receipt of such request at its home office or any branch office of the insurer, deliver or mail to the person making such request a copy of such application. If such copy is not so delivered or mailed, the insurer shall be precluded from introducing such application as evidence in any action or proceeding based upon or involving such policy or its reinstatement or renewal.

Source:Laws 1957, c. 188, § 13, p. 657; Laws 1989, LB 92, § 142.