44-7,102. Coverage for screening for colorectal cancer.

(1) Notwithstanding section 44-3,131, (a) any individual or group sickness and accident insurance policy, certificate, or subscriber contract delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed in this state and any hospital, medical, or surgical expense-incurred policy, except for short-term major medical policies of six months or less duration and policies that provide coverage for a specified disease or other limited-benefit coverage, and (b) any self-funded employee benefit plan to the extent not preempted by federal law shall include screening coverage for a colorectal cancer examination and laboratory tests for cancer for any nonsymptomatic person fifty years of age and older covered under such policy, certificate, contract, or plan. Such screening coverage shall include a maximum of one screening fecal occult blood test annually and a flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years, a colonoscopy every ten years, or a barium enema every five to ten years, or any combination, or the most reliable, medically recognized screening test available. The screenings selected shall be as deemed appropriate by a health care provider and the patient.

(2) This section does not prevent application of deductible or copayment provisions contained in the policy, certificate, contract, or employee benefit plan or require that such coverage be extended to any other procedures.

Source:Laws 2007, LB247, ยง 86.