44-6605. Immunity from civil liability.

(1) Any person or entity, including the department, an insurer, or a person employed by or authorized by an insurer whose activities include the investigation of or reporting of suspected insurance fraud, acting without malice, fraudulent intent, or bad faith shall be immune from civil liability for furnishing any information relating to suspected fraudulent insurance acts to:

(a) The director or his or her agents or employees;

(b) Law enforcement officials or their agents or employees;

(c) The Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court or its agents or employees;

(d) Persons or entities subject to Chapter 44 or their agents or employees; or

(e) The National Association of Insurance Commissioners or any organization established to detect and prevent fraudulent insurance acts or its agents, employees, or designees.

(2) This section does not abrogate or modify in any way any common-law or statutory privilege or immunity.

Source:Laws 1995, LB 385, § 5; Laws 1997, LB 272, § 4.