44-402.01. Life insurance; reserves; separate accounts; establish; procedure.

Any domestic life insurance company, including, for the purposes of sections 44-402.01 to 44-402.05, all domestic fraternal benefit societies which operate on a legal reserve basis, may, after adoption of a resolution by its board of directors and upon approval of the Director of Insurance, establish one or more separate accounts and may allocate thereto amounts, including without limitation proceeds applied under optional modes of settlement or under dividend options, to provide for life insurance and benefits incidental thereto, payable in fixed or variable amounts or both, and may, upon approval of the director, guarantee the value of the assets allocated to a separate account.

Source:Laws 1972, LB 771, § 1; Laws 1987, LB 17, § 9; Laws 2005, LB 119, § 6; Laws 2011, LB72, § 2.