44-386.06. Unincorporated mutual associations; cease and desist orders; misappropriation of funds; director; duties.

If, after the hearing provided for in section 44-386.05, the Director of Insurance finds that any rule or regulation adopted and promulgated pursuant to section 44-386.08 or any statute is being violated, he or she may issue an order to cease and desist all business of the association or any activity connected therewith until such time as corrective measures have been taken. If the director determines that any officer or member has misappropriated any funds or wrongfully converted any funds to his or her own use, he or she shall refer the matter to the county attorney of the county in which the books of the association are kept for prosecution by the county attorney under the applicable criminal statutes.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 367, § 5, p. 1306; Laws 1989, LB 92, § 107.