Nebraska Revised Statute 44-32,133

Chapter 44 Section 32,133


Forms; filing; when; disapproval or withdrawal of approval; notice; hearing.

(1) Every form required to be filed with the director shall be filed not less than thirty days prior to delivery or issuance for delivery in this state. At any time during the thirty-day period, the director may extend the period for review for an additional thirty days. Notice of an extension shall be in writing. At the end of the review period, the form shall be deemed approved if the director has taken no action. The person filing shall notify the director in writing prior to using a form that is deemed approved. At any time, after thirty days' notice and for cause shown, the director may withdraw approval of any form. The withdrawal shall be effective at the end of the thirty days.

(2) When a filing is disapproved or approval of a form is withdrawn, the director shall give the health maintenance organization written notice of the reasons for disapproval or withdrawal and in the notice shall inform the health maintenance organization that within thirty days of receipt of the notice the health maintenance organization may request a hearing. A hearing shall be conducted within thirty days after the director has received the request for hearing.


  • Laws 1990, LB 1136, § 42.