44-32,125. Fiduciary relationships; bond or insurance required.

Any director, officer, employee, partner, or limited liability company member of a health maintenance organization who receives, collects, disburses, or invests funds in connection with the activities of the health maintenance organization shall be responsible for such funds in a fiduciary relationship to the health maintenance organization. A health maintenance organization shall maintain in force a fidelity bond or fidelity insurance on such individuals in an amount not less than two hundred fifty thousand dollars for each health maintenance organization. The requirements of this section may be met for each of two or more health maintenance organizations owned by a common parent if the parent maintains the bond or insurance on behalf of the health maintenance organizations and any other carrier or carriers owned by the parent in an aggregate amount of not less than the lesser of (1) two hundred fifty thousand dollars times the number of such health maintenance organizations and such other carrier or carriers or (2) five million dollars.

Source:Laws 1990, LB 1136, § 34; Laws 1993, LB 121, § 251; Laws 1994, LB 884, § 61.