Nebraska Revised Statute 44-32,120

Chapter 44


Certificate of authority; issuance; conditions.

The Director of Insurance shall, within forty-five days of receipt of certification or notice of deficiencies pursuant to section 44-32,119, issue a certificate of authority to any person filing a completed application upon receiving the prescribed fees and being satisfied that:

(1) The persons responsible for the conduct of the affairs of the applicant are competent, trustworthy, and possess good reputations;

(2) Any deficiencies identified by the Department of Health and Human Services have been corrected and the department has certified to the Director of Insurance that the health maintenance organization's proposed plan of operation meets the requirements of sections 44-32,126 to 44-32,128;

(3) The health maintenance organization will effectively provide or arrange for the provision of basic health care services on a prepaid basis, through insurance or otherwise, except to the extent of reasonable requirements for copayments or deductibles; and

(4) The health maintenance organization is in compliance with sections 44-32,138 to 44-32,148.

A certificate of authority shall be denied only after the Director of Insurance complies with the requirements of section 44-32,153.