44-3103. Terms, defined.

As used in the Nebraska Professional Association Mutual Insurance Company Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Professional association mutual insurance company shall mean any domestic insurance company licensed under the act for the purpose of making insurance as provided in sections 44-3104 and 44-3105. For the purposes of this subdivision, professional association shall mean any organization of individual professional practitioners who are required by this state to obtain a license or other legal authorization prior to performing a professional service, including, but not limited to, certified public accountants, public accountants, dentists, osteopathic physicians, physicians and surgeons, veterinarians, and attorneys at law;

(2) Director shall mean the Director of Insurance; and

(3) Member shall mean an individual belonging to an association as defined in subdivision (1) of this section and whose principal practice is located in this state.

Source:Laws 1978, LB 656, § 3; Laws 1989, LB 342, § 3.