44-2909. Association; requirements to transact business.

No association organized under the Nebraska Hospital and Physicians Mutual Insurance Association Act shall transact the business of insurance until:

(1) Its articles and bylaws have been approved by the Director of Insurance and the articles filed as required by section 44-2906;

(2) It has filed with the director acceptable evidence that it has and will maintain a minimum surplus aggregating at least five hundred thousand dollars in cash in the investments authorized under the Insurers Investment Act or a letter of credit issued by a Nebraska banking institution in accordance with loan restrictions prescribed by the laws of this state;

(3) All policies, applications, and other forms together with all manuals and rates to be used have been filed and approved as provided in the Property and Casualty Insurance Rate and Form Act;

(4) A certificate of authority has been issued to the association as provided in section 44-303; and

(5) It has received at least five applications for policies in a hospital association or at least two hundred applications for policies in a physicians association.

Source:Laws 1976, LB 809, § 9; Laws 1991, LB 233, § 47; Laws 1991, LB 237, § 67; Laws 2000, LB 1119, § 38.

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