44-2614. Insurance consultant; acts requiring licensure.

No person shall, in or on advertisements, cards, signs, circulars, letterheads, or elsewhere or in any other manner by which public announcements are made, use the title insurance consultant or any similar title or any title, word, combination of words, or abbreviation indicating that he or she gives or is engaged in the business of offering to the public any advice, counsel, opinion, or service with respect to insurable risks, concerning the benefits, coverages, or provisions under any policy of insurance that could be issued in this state, or involving the advantages or disadvantages of any such policy of insurance, unless such person holds a license as an insurance consultant under sections 44-2606 to 44-2635.

Source:Laws 1980, LB 481, § 9; Laws 1989, LB 92, § 205; Laws 2018, LB743, § 21.
Effective Date: July 19, 2018