44-235. Domestic stock company; change to mutual company; plan; contents.

The plan for the mutualization of the company shall among other things include:

(1) A statement of the value of the interest of the shareholders in the company as ascertained by the company, which value shall not exceed the fair value thereof, and the amount proposed to be paid to each shareholder upon retirement of his or her shares of stock;

(2) A statement of the method of ascertaining the value of the interest of the shareholders;

(3) A statement of the procedure proposed for paying the shareholders for their stock, which may be done over a period of time and performed with due regard for the interest of the policyholders, and for retiring and canceling the stock;

(4) A statement of the method to be followed in continuing the management of the company during any period intervening between the inception of the plan and the retirement of the stock and in instituting management by the policyholders; and

(5) A provision for approval of the plan for mutualization by at least two-thirds of the policyholders voting in person or by proxy at a meeting of policyholders called by the company upon at least thirty days' written notice mailed to the policyholders at their latest addresses as shown by the company's records and containing an adequate summary of the essential provisions of the plan.

Source:Laws 1953, c. 152, § 3, p. 481; Laws 1989, LB 92, § 81.