44-205.01. Articles of incorporation; contents.

(1) The articles of incorporation filed pursuant to section 44-205 shall state (a) the corporate name, which shall not so nearly resemble the name of an existing corporation as, in the opinion of the Director of Insurance, will mislead the public or cause confusion, (b) the place in Nebraska where the registered office and principal office will be located, (c) the purposes, which shall be restricted to the kind or kinds of insurance to be undertaken, such other kinds of business which it shall be empowered to undertake, and the powers necessary and incidental to carrying out such purposes, and (d) such other particulars as are required by the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act and Chapter 44.

(2) The articles of incorporation may state such other particulars as are permitted by the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act and Chapter 44, including provisions relating to the management of the business and regulation of the affairs of the corporation and defining, limiting, and regulating the powers of the corporation, its board of directors, and the shareholders of a stock corporation or the members of a mutual or assessment corporation.

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