44-1644. Employee; death; coverage continued; notice; contents.

Not later than ten working days following the date of the death of the employee, the employer shall send a notice by certified mail with return receipt requested to the covered surviving spouse or, if there is no covered surviving spouse, to any covered surviving dependent children of the deceased employee at his, her, or their home address as shown on the records of the employer. Such notice shall set forth (1) the right of the covered surviving spouse or the covered surviving dependent children to elect to continue coverage in accordance with section 44-1643 and the election form to be used in exercising such right, (2) the amount of each monthly premium to be paid by the covered surviving spouse or covered surviving dependent children, and (3) the manner, time, and to whom the completed election form shall be returned and each monthly premium shall be paid.

Source:Laws 1989, LB 318, ยง 5.