44-1607.01. Life insurance; individual policies; issuance; restrictions.

Individual life insurance policies, uniform as to amounts of insurance for each reasonable class eligible therefor, may be issued on a franchise or wholesale basis to five or more employees of a common employer or ten or more members of any trade or professional association, of a labor union or similar employee organization, or of any other association having had an active existence for at least two years when such association or union or organization has a constitution or bylaws and is formed in good faith for purposes other than that of obtaining insurance. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the issuance of individual life insurance policies on salary savings, bank draft, or similar type plans.

Source:Laws 1955, c. 181, § 1, p. 510; Laws 1989, LB 92, § 178; Laws 2008, LB855, § 17.