44-156.01. Fees and charges; erroneously paid; refund; conditions.

Commencing with any fee or charge imposed for 1985 or any subsequent year, whenever it appears to the satisfaction of the Director of Insurance that, because of a mistake of fact, error in calculation, or erroneous interpretation of a statute of this or any other state, district, province, territory, or country, any fee or charge, excluding taxes, has been paid to the director pursuant to any provision of law which is not required by law or which is in excess of the amount legally chargeable, he or she shall have the authority to refund the amount of such payment or overpayment. The refund may be made by applying such amount towards the payment of other like or similar fees or charges, except taxes, already due or which may become due until such payment or overpayment has been fully refunded. No amount shall be refunded for payment or overpayment made after two years have elapsed from the end of the year for which any fee or charge was payable. This section shall not authorize or permit refunding of any taxes.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 1114, ยง 4.