43-4213. Foster parents; additional stipend; payment; administrative fee.

In recognition of Nebraska foster parents' essential contribution to the safety and well-being of Nebraska's foster children and the need for additional compensation for the services provided by Nebraska foster parents, beginning July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2014, all foster parents providing foster care in Nebraska, including traditional, agency-based, licensed, approved, relative placement, and child-specific foster care, shall receive an additional stipend of three dollars and ten cents per day per child. The stipend shall be in addition to the current foster care reimbursement rates for relatives and foster parents contracting with the Department of Health and Human Services and in addition to the relative and tiered rate paid to a contractor for agency-based foster parents. The additional stipend shall be paid monthly through the agency that is contracting with the foster parent or, in the case of a foster parent contracting with the department, directly from the department. The contracting agency shall receive an administrative fee of twenty-five cents per child per day for processing the payments for the benefit of the foster parents and the state, which administrative fee shall be paid monthly by the state. The administrative fee shall not reduce the stipend of three dollars and ten cents provided by this section.

Source:Laws 2012, LB820, § 6; Laws 2013, LB530, § 7.