43-416. Office of Juvenile Services; parole powers; notice to committing court.

This section applies to all juveniles committed to the Office of Juvenile Services for placement at a youth rehabilitation and treatment center prior to July 1, 2013. This section shall not apply after June 30, 2014. The Office of Juvenile Services shall have administrative authority over the parole function for juveniles committed to a youth rehabilitation and treatment center and may (1) determine the time of release on parole of committed juveniles eligible for such release, (2) fix the conditions of parole, revoke parole, issue or authorize the issuance of detainers for the apprehension and detention of parole violators, and impose other sanctions short of revocation for violation of conditions of parole, and (3) determine the time of discharge from parole. The office shall provide the committing court with written notification of the juvenile's discharge from parole within thirty days of a juvenile being discharged from the supervision of the office.

Source:Laws 1998, LB 1073, § 48; Laws 2011, LB463, § 13; Laws 2013, LB561, § 36.