43-406. Office of Juvenile Services; treatment programs, services, and systems; requirements.

The Office of Juvenile Services shall utilize:

(1) Risk and needs assessment instruments for use in determining the level of treatment for the juvenile;

(2) A case classification process to include levels of treatment defined by rules and regulations and case management standards for each level of treatment. The process shall provide for a balance of accountability, public safety, and treatment;

(3) Case management for all juveniles committed to the office;

(4) Until July 1, 2014, a purchase-of-care system which will facilitate the development of a statewide community-based array of care with the involvement of the private sector and the local public sector. Care services may be purchased from private providers to provide a wider diversity of services. This system shall include accessing existing Title IV-E funds of the federal Social Security Act, as amended, medicaid funds, and other funding sources to support eligible community-based services. Such services developed and purchased shall include, but not be limited to, evaluation services. Services shall be offered and delivered on a regional basis;

(5) Until October 1, 2013, community-based evaluation programs, supplemented by one or more residential evaluation programs. A residential evaluation program shall be provided in a county containing a city of the metropolitan class. Community-based evaluation services shall replace the residential evaluation services available at the Youth Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Center by December 31, 1999; and

(6) A management information system. The system shall be a unified, interdepartmental client information system which supports the management function as well as the service function.

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