43-288. Order allowing juvenile to return or remain at home; conditions and requirements.

If the court's order of disposition permits the juvenile to remain in his or her own home as provided by section 43-284 or 43-286, the court may, as a condition or conditions to the juvenile's continuing to remain in his or her own home, or in cases under such sections when the juvenile is placed or detained outside his or her home, as a condition of the court allowing the juvenile to return home, require the parent, guardian, or other custodian to:

(1) Eliminate the specified conditions constituting or contributing to the problems which led to juvenile court action;

(2) Provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, and medical care and for other needs of the juvenile;

(3) Give adequate supervision to the juvenile in the home;

(4) Take proper steps to insure the juvenile's regular school attendance;

(5) Cease and desist from specified conduct and practices which are injurious to the welfare of the juvenile; and

(6) Resume proper responsibility for the care and supervision of the juvenile.

The terms and conditions imposed in any particular case shall relate to the acts or omissions of the juvenile, the parent, or other person responsible for the care of the juvenile which constituted or contributed to the problems which led to the juvenile court action in such case. The maximum duration of any such term or condition shall be one year unless the court finds that at the conclusion of that period exceptional circumstances require an extension of the period for an additional year.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 346, § 44; Laws 1982, LB 787, § 19.