43-2606. Providers of child care and school-age-care programs; training requirements.

(1) The Department of Health and Human Services shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for mandatory training requirements for providers of child care and school-age-care programs. Such requirements shall include preservice orientation and at least four hours of annual inservice training. All child care programs required to be licensed under section 71-1911 shall show completion of a preservice orientation approved or delivered by the department prior to receiving a provisional license.

(2) The department shall initiate a system of documenting the training levels of staff in specific child care settings to assist parents in selecting optimal care settings.

(3) The training requirements shall be designed to meet the health, safety, and developmental needs of children and shall be tailored to the needs of licensed providers of child care programs. The training requirements for providers of child care programs shall include, but not be limited to, information on sudden infant death syndrome, shaken baby syndrome, and child abuse.

(4) The department shall provide or arrange for training opportunities throughout the state and shall provide information regarding training opportunities to all providers of child care programs at the time of registration or licensure, when renewing a registration, or on a yearly basis following licensure.

(5) Each provider of child care and school-age-care programs receiving orientation or training shall provide his or her social security number to the department.

(6) The department shall review and provide recommendations to the Governor for updating rules and regulations adopted and promulgated under this section at least every five years.

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