43-2412. Coalition; powers and duties.

(1) Consistent with the purposes and objectives of the Juvenile Services Act and the federal act, the coalition shall:

(a) Make recommendations to the commission on the awarding of grants under the Commission Grant Program to eligible applicants;

(b) Prepare at least one report annually to the Governor, the Legislature, the Office of Probation Administration, and the Office of Juvenile Services. The report submitted to the Legislature shall be submitted electronically;

(c) Ensure widespread citizen involvement in all phases of its work; and

(d) Meet at least two times each year.

(2) Consistent with the purposes and objectives of the acts and within the limits of available time and appropriations, the coalition may:

(a) Assist and advise state and local agencies in the establishment of volunteer training programs and the utilization of volunteers;

(b) Apply for and receive funds from federal and private sources for carrying out its powers and duties;

(c) Provide technical assistance to eligible applicants;

(d) Identify juvenile justice issues, share information, and monitor and evaluate programs in the juvenile justice system; and

(e) Recommend guidelines and supervision procedures to be used to develop or expand local diversion programs for juveniles from the juvenile justice system.

(3) In formulating, adopting, and promulgating the recommendations and guidelines provided for in this section, the coalition shall consider the differences among counties in population, in geography, and in the availability of local resources.

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