43-1730. Entry of foreign support order; documentation required.

The following documentation shall be required for the entry of a foreign support order:

(1) A certified copy of the foreign support order with all modifications;

(2) A certified copy of an income withholding order or notice, if any, still in effect;

(3) A copy of the portion of the income withholding statute of the jurisdiction which issued the support order which states the requirements for obtaining an income withholding order or notice under the law of such jurisdiction;

(4) A sworn statement of the obligee or certified statement of the requesting agency of the arrearages of child, spousal, or medical support payments and the assignment of the support rights, if any;

(5) A statement of the name, address, and social security number of the obligor, if known;

(6) A statement of the name and address of the obligor's employer or other payor or of any other source of income of the obligor derived in this state from which income withholding is sought; and

(7) A statement of the name and address of the agency or person to whom support payments collected by income withholding shall be transmitted.

Source:Laws 1985, Second Spec. Sess., LB 7, § 50; Laws 1991, LB 457, § 38.