43-1728. Income from another jurisdiction; withholding order; how obtained.

(1) In any case in which the department is providing services either directly or pursuant to a contract with a county attorney or authorized attorney or (2) on application of a resident of this state, an obligee or obligor of a support order issued in this state, or an agency to whom an obligee has assigned child, spousal, or medical support rights, the department shall promptly request the agency of another jurisdiction in which the obligor derives income to receive and file such request for the purpose of obtaining a withholding order against such income. The department shall promptly compile and transmit to the agency of the cooperating jurisdiction all documentation required to effectuate an income withholding order. The department also shall transmit immediately to the agency of the cooperating jurisdiction a certified copy of any subsequent modification of any support order. The department may contract with an agent to carry out its powers and duties pursuant to sections 43-1728 to 43-1742.

Source:Laws 1985, Second Spec. Sess., LB 7, § 48; Laws 1991, LB 457, § 37; Laws 1993, LB 523, § 21.