43-1411. Paternity; action to establish; venue; limitation; summons.

A civil proceeding to establish the paternity of a child may be instituted, in the court of the district where the child is domiciled or found or, for cases under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, where the alleged father is domiciled, by (1) the mother or the alleged father of such child, either during pregnancy or within four years after the child's birth, unless (a) a valid consent or relinquishment has been made pursuant to sections 43-104.08 to 43-104.25 or section 43-105 for purposes of adoption or (b) a county court or separate juvenile court has jurisdiction over the custody of the child or jurisdiction over an adoption matter with respect to such child pursuant to sections 43-101 to 43-116 or (2) the guardian or next friend of such child or the state, either during pregnancy or within eighteen years after the child's birth. Summons shall issue and be served as in other civil proceedings, except that such summons may be directed to the sheriff of any county in the state and may be served in any county.

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