43-134. Biological parent; revocation of nonconsent; form.

At any time after signing the notice of nonconsent provided for in section 43-132, the parent or parents may revoke such notice. A form of revocation shall be provided by the department and shall take effect at the time of filing of the form with the department. The revocation form shall contain the following notice:


You do not have to sign this form. If you do sign it, you are entitled to a copy of it. Your signature on this form means that the Department of Health and Human Services may disclose any information contained on the birth certificate of the adopted person following your death. If you sign this form and later decide you do not want this information released following your death and prior to the death of your spouse, if such spouse is not a biological parent, you may file another form for that purpose.

Source:Laws 1980, LB 992, § 16; Laws 1997, LB 307, § 32; Laws 2007, LB296, § 80.