43-104.23. Child born out of wedlock; order finalizing adoption without biological father's notification; when; appeal.

If, after viewing the evidence submitted to support a petition to finalize an adoption or any evidence submitted by a guardian ad litem if one is appointed, the court determines that no biological father can be identified, or that no identified father can be notified without likely threat to the safety of the biological mother or the child, or upon a finding of due diligence and substantial compliance with sections 43-104.08 to 43-104.16 and a finding that no biological father has timely filed under section 43-104.02, the court shall enter an order finalizing the adoption of the child. Subject to the disposition of an appeal, upon the expiration of thirty days after an order is issued under this section, the order shall not be reversed, vacated, or modified in any manner or upon any ground including fraud, misrepresentation, or failure to provide notice under sections 43-104.12 to 43-104.14.

Source:Laws 1995, LB 712, ยง 16.