43-104.17. Child born out of wedlock; petition; evidence of compliance required; notice to biological father; when.

In all cases of adoption of a minor child born out of wedlock, the petition to finalize the adoption shall specifically allege compliance with sections 43-104.08 to 43-104.16, and shall attach as exhibits all documents which are evidence of such compliance. No notice of the filing of the petition to finalize or the hearing on the petition shall be given to a biological father or putative biological father who (1) executed a valid relinquishment and consent or a valid denial of paternity and waiver of rights pursuant to section 43-104.11, (2) was provided notice under sections 43-104.12 to 43-104.14 and failed to timely file a Notice of Objection to Adoption and Intent to Obtain Custody pursuant to section 43-104.02 or petition pursuant to section 43-104.05, or (3) is not required to consent to the adoption pursuant to proceedings conducted under section 43-104.22.

Source:Laws 1995, LB 712, § 10; Laws 2007, LB247, § 16.