42-380. Restoration of former name; procedure.

(1) When a pleading is filed pursuant to section 42-353 or pursuant to an action for annulment as authorized by section 42-373, either the plaintiff or the defendant may include a request to restore his or her former name. The court shall grant such request except for good cause shown. The mere fact that a parent and child may have different surnames following a dissolution of marriage or annulment shall not be sufficient to constitute good cause. The decree of dissolution or declaration of annulment shall specifically provide for the name change, giving both the old name and the name as it will be after the decree or declaration. A change of name granted pursuant to this section shall become effective on the same date that the decree of dissolution or declaration of annulment, as the case may be, is entered. The requirements of sections 25-21,270 to 25-21,273 shall not apply to this section.

(2) A decree of dissolution or declaration of annulment entered before August 25, 1989, in an action in which a request for name restoration was not included or granted shall not hinder or prevent the petitioner or respondent from effecting a common-law name change.

Source:Laws 1989, LB 401, § 1; Laws 2004, LB 1207, § 32.