42-364.14. Parent-employee; consent to withholding of earnings; procedure.

Nothing in the Income Withholding for Child Support Act or sections 42-364.01 to 42-364.13 shall be construed as prohibiting a parent-employee from consenting to an order to withhold and transmit earnings as part of a property settlement agreement incorporated into a decree dissolving a marriage or by agreement in a proceeding in the district court, county court, or separate juvenile court in which the payment of child support is an issue. If the parent-employee has consented to such an order, the court shall not be required to hold a separate hearing or make findings as provided in the act or such sections. The clerk of the court shall notify the employer, if any, of the parent-employee of any such order by first-class mail and file a record of such mailing in the court.

Source:Laws 1983, LB 371, § 10; Laws 2007, LB554, § 33.

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