42-364.01. Child support; withholding of earnings; court; powers.

In any proceeding when a district court, county court, or separate juvenile court has ordered, temporarily or permanently, a parent, referred to as parent-employee in sections 42-364.01 to 42-364.12, to pay any amount for the support of a minor child, that court shall, following application, hearing, and findings, as required by sections 42-364.02 to 42-364.12, order the employer of such parent:

(1) To withhold, from the parent-employee's nonexempt, disposable earnings presently due and to be due in the future, such amounts as shall reduce and satisfy the parent-employee's previous arrearage in child support payments arising from the parent-employee's failure to comply fully with an order previously entered to pay child support, the parent-employee's obligation to pay child support as ordered by the court as such obligation accrues in the future;

(2) To pay to the parent-employee, on his or her regularly scheduled payday such earnings then due which are not ordered withheld;

(3) To deduct from the sums so withheld an amount set by the court, but not to exceed two dollars and fifty cents in any calendar month, as compensation for the employer's reasonable cost incurred in complying with such order;

(4) To remit within seven calendar days after the date the obligor is paid such sums withheld, less the deduction as allowed by the court pursuant to subdivision (3) of this section, to the State Disbursement Unit;

(5) To refrain from dismissing, demoting, disciplining, and in any way penalizing the parent-employee on account of the proceeding to collect child support, on account of any order or orders entered by the court in such proceeding, and on account of employer compliance with such order or orders; and

(6) To notify in writing the clerk of the court entering such order of the termination of the employment of such parent-employee, the last-known address of the parent-employee, and the name and address of the parent-employee's new employer, if known, and to provide such written notification within thirty days after the termination of employment.

Source:Laws 1974, LB 1015, § 6; Laws 1983, LB 371, § 4; Laws 2000, LB 972, § 12.