39-810. Bridges; culverts; construction and repair; road improvements; contracts; letting; procedures.

(1)(a) The county board of each county may erect and repair all bridges and approaches thereto and build all culverts and make improvements on roads, including the purchase of gravel for roads, and stockpile any materials to be used for such purposes, the cost and expense of which shall for no project exceed one hundred thousand dollars.

(b) All contracts for the erection or repair of bridges and approaches thereto or for the building of culverts and improvements on roads, the cost and expense of which shall exceed one hundred thousand dollars, shall be let by the county board to the lowest responsible bidder.

(c) All contracts for materials for repairing, erecting, and constructing bridges and approaches thereto or culverts or for the purchase of gravel for roads, the cost and expense of which exceed twenty thousand dollars, shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder, but the board may reject any and all bids submitted for such materials.

(d) Upon rejection of any bid or bids by the board of such a county, such board shall have power and authority to purchase materials to repair, erect, or construct the bridges of such county, approaches thereto, or culverts or to purchase gravel for roads.

(e) All contracts for bridge erection or repair, approaches thereto, culverts, or road improvements in excess of twenty thousand dollars shall require individual cost-accounting records on each individual project.

(2)(a) Except as otherwise provided in subdivision (b) of this subsection, all bids for the letting of contracts shall be deposited with the county clerk of such a county, opened by him or her in the presence of the county board, and filed in such clerk's office.

(b) In a county with a population of more than one hundred fifty thousand inhabitants with a purchasing agent under section 23-3105, the bids shall be opened as directed pursuant to section 23-3111.

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