39-8,119. Interstate bridges; regulation of transmission and pipe lines.

The department shall have the power and authority to enter into agreements with an adjoining state for the purpose of regulating the passage of transmission and pipe lines upon and across interstate bridges. Such agreements may provide that the department and the adjoining state, jointly, may establish all reasonable rules and regulations necessary to prevent such lines from interfering with any interstate bridge or the safe flow of traffic upon such bridge; Provided, that such rules and regulations shall not authorize the passage of any transmission or pipe line across or upon any interstate bridge in violation of the law of the State of Nebraska or of the adjoining state, or of any law, code, rule, or regulation of the United States. Nothing contained within this section shall be construed to limit, change, alter, or invalidate the provisions of any prior existing contract to which the department or the State of Nebraska is a party.

Source:Laws 1959, c. 175, ยง 29, p. 645.