Nebraska Revised Statute 39-8,115

Chapter 39


Interstate bridges; department; emergency maintenance; barricade danger area; contract; bond.

Whenever, in the opinion of the department, an emergency or unusual condition exists requiring immediate attention in order to insure the passage or safe flow of traffic over or upon that portion of any interstate bridge located within the State of Nebraska, the department may close such portion of any such bridge to any or all traffic in order to perform the maintenance necessary thereon. Upon ascertaining the need for emergency maintenance, the department shall mark and post the danger area for the protection of the public and, within twenty-four hours thereafter, shall barricade the danger area and provide any detour necessary in compliance with section 39-8,113. The department may provide any part of the personnel, equipment, and material necessary to perform such emergency maintenance or may contract with any person who, in the opinion of the department, is capable of successfully performing the maintenance necessary; Provided, that the department shall not contract such emergency maintenance to any person incapable of furnishing the department with a bond with good and sufficient sureties approved by the department, in an amount at least equal to the contract price, conditioned upon the faithful fulfillment of the contract. If any agreement between the department and an adjoining state for the maintenance of interstate bridges has made provision for emergency maintenance, as authorized by section 39-8,107, such maintenance and the payment therefor shall be completed in accordance with the agreement.


  • Laws 1959, c. 175, § 25, p. 642.