39-2512. City street superintendent, defined; duties; incentive payment.

An incentive payment shall be made to each municipality or municipal county having in its employ a city street superintendent licensed under the County Highway and City Street Superintendents Act, during the calendar year preceding the year in which payment is made. For purposes of sections 39-2511 to 39-2520, city street superintendent means a person who actually performs the following duties:

(1) Developing and annually updating a long-range plan based on needs and coordinated with adjacent local governmental units;

(2) Developing an annual program for design, construction, and maintenance;

(3) Developing an annual budget based on programmed projects and activities;

(4) Submitting such plans, programs, and budgets to the local governing body for approval;

(5) Implementing the capital improvements and maintenance activities provided in the approved plans, programs, and budgets; and

(6) Preparing and submitting annually to the Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards the one-year plans, six-year plans, or annual metropolitan transportation improvement programs of the municipality or municipal county for highway, road, and street improvements under sections 39-2115 to 39-2117, 39-2119, and 39-2119.01 and a report showing the actual receipts, expenditures, and accomplishments compared with those budgeted and programmed in the annual plans of the municipality or municipal county as set forth in section 39-2120.

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