39-2119. Counties and municipalities; plan or program for specific improvements; file annually with Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards; hearing; notice; adoption; review; failure to file; penalty; funds placed in escrow.

Each county and municipality shall annually prepare and file, under sections 39-2115 to 39-2117 or 39-2119.01, with the Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards, a plan or program for specific road or street improvements for the current year. The annual plan or program shall be filed on or before March 1 of each year. No such plan or program shall be adopted until after a local public hearing thereon and its approval by the local governing body. The board shall prescribe the nature and time of notice of such hearing, which shall be such as shall be likely to come to the attention of interested citizens in the jurisdiction involved. The board shall review each such annual plan or program within sixty days after it has been filed to determine whether it is consistent with the county's or municipality's current six-year plan. The county or municipality shall be required to justify any inconsistency with the six-year plan to the satisfaction of the board. If any county or municipality shall fail to comply with the provisions of this section, the board shall so notify the local governing board, the Governor, and the State Treasurer, who shall suspend distribution of any highway-user revenue allocated to such county or municipality until there has been compliance. Such funds shall be held in escrow for six months until the county or municipality complies. If the county or municipality complies within the six-month period it shall receive the money in escrow, but after six months, if the county or municipality fails to comply, the money in the escrow account shall be lost to the county or municipality.

Any county or municipality on a fiscal construction year basis may apply to the Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards for a new anniversary date. The board may grant a new anniversary date, but such date shall not be later than July 1.

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