39-2112. Functional classification; assignment; Department of Transportation; request to reclassify; county board; public hearing; decision; appeal.

Any county or municipality may, based on changing traffic patterns or volume or a change in jurisdiction, request the Department of Transportation to reclassify any segment of highway, road, or street. Any county that wants to use the minimum maintenance, remote residential, or scenic-recreation functional classification or wants to return a road to its previous functional classification may request the department to reclassify an applicable segment of highway or road. If a county board wants a road or a segment of road to be classified as remote residential, it shall hold a public hearing on the matter prior to requesting the department to reclassify such road or segment of road. The department shall review a request made under this section and either grant or deny the reclassification in whole or in part. Any county or municipality dissatisfied with the action taken by the department under this section may appeal to the Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards in the manner provided in section 39-2111.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 312, § 12, p. 1124; Laws 1971, LB 100, § 3; Laws 2008, LB1068, § 8; Laws 2017, LB339, § 151.